Lately, electronic cigarettes are getting more popular and widely used by smokers around the world. This is mainly because of studies which show that the battery operated ones are safer compared to the traditional cigarettes, though there are no concrete evidences to prove this research. Another advantage with the e-cigs are that there is no need for an ashtray, fire igniter and no smell of smoke around all the time.

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Some researchers also indicate that the use of an electronic cigarette may eventually help the smoker to quit smoking with a survey showing a reduction of 60 percent in the number. Those who feel like quitting the habit tried moving from the traditional product to the battery powered one since the electronic cigarette is already widely used for its safer reasons. Most of the time, it is difficult for heavy smokers to quit the harmful habit using only willpower or other therapies as the habit is a tough one to abandon.

How does an electronic cigarette help to quit or at least reduce smoking? E-cigs contain nicotine levels instead of the harmful tobacco found in the traditional cigarettes. The smoke produced by nicotine helps to reduce addiction and symptoms of withdrawal in addictive smokers.

On the contrary, there are also some other studies which state that electronic cigarettes have not been helpful to quit smoking. The safety aspects are also questionable as there are reports which suggest that e-cigs have harmful side-effects that can also increase the chances of getting cancer.

Those smokers who have quit their traditional cigarettes and moved on to an electronic cigarette are affirmative that the battery products have helped to make their life easier. Whenever looking for a quality ecig company, conduct your due diligence by looking at reviews for their throat hit, and nicotine levels.

E-cigs come with different choices suited for different types of smokers. The nicotine dosage level can be controlled by buying only how much you would want to smoke on a frequent basis. If the smoker is determined to quit smoking eventually by using e-cigs, he/she can buy less amounts of nicotine so that there is a way to automatically stop smoking even when the smoker is not conscious about it during the process.

To conclude this topic, there is yet no conclusive evidence of how e-cigs can help a smoker to quit the habit of smoking. For now, all we can say for sure is that, it is better to try to stop your smoking habit once and for all instead of moving to an e-cig.